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Sure you can do it yourself, but do you really want to?

Let us connect you with your next HR hire

An HR professional who fits your role, your team and your culture is only a few steps away, learn how we can help here.

HR Professionals

Let us help you find more meaningful work where your contribution matters…

 The right fit!

Find your next right opportunity with us!

We’ll help save you from regret in your next HR hiring decision.

Save Time


Reduce days to fill and get more work done faster

Save Money


A good hire is worth the investment, and our fees are typically lower

Better Fit

Puzzle Fit

Our assessment process and tools will result in a better fit

It’s not just about finding qualified applicants, it’s about finding engaged employees who fit your role and your team and your culture.

2-week notice

The right fit for HR

can be hard to find and time consuming

She walks into your office with that look on her face…” Can I talk to you for a minute?”, she asks. You know that look. The dreaded “two-week notice” is about to be delivered… Finally, approval to add to your team. You’re thrilled, then all the questions start rushing into your head…” can I find the type of talent I really need?” “Do I really have the time to spend on recruiting?” “How can I be sure we’ll get the right fit this time?” “How long will it take to get someone, I really need them now!” and of course “I’d really rather not pay a recruiter fee!”…

Selecting HR talent

The wrong fit for HR

can be expensive, frustrating, or worse

You’re not alone. We’ve been there too. We’re HR professionals that have spent many years sourcing, assessing, and selecting HR talent for our team and for clients. We’ve also worked internally in organizations and built teams and worked to influence the success of the organization. We’ve experienced the joys of the right fit and the frustrations of the wrong fit.

Perfect fit

We care about finding the right fit

as much as you do

Whatever the cause of your next opening in HR, we can help you find the right fit.

Learn more about How We Can Help and Our Approach to finding the right fit fast.

Learn more about how to find the right fit!

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