We serve all of your HR talent needs

The next time you have an opening on your team for any of these levels or types of HR Professionals, we can help find the right fit.

Your need can be for direct placement, temp to direct, or a temporary placement, our recruitment and staffing services are designed to help find the right fit fast.

Perfect fit

Our HR Talent Community Includes:


  • HR Assistant
  • HR Administrator
  • HR Coordinator

Generalist / Business Partner

  • Entry Level Generalist/BP
  • Mid-Level Generalist/BP
  • Sr. Generalist/BP


  • Recruiting
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • HRIS Analyst
  • Workforce Planning
  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Training
  • Labor/Union Relations

Manager / Director / Executive

  • HR Manager (supervisory)
  • Specialist Dept. Manager
  • Director
  • Emerging Director
  • Executive
  • Emerging Executive

Our Approach

We specialize in finding, assessing, selecting and developing HR professionals, and then supporting them when they need it by offering access to resources, services and products to help them succeed in their roles. Our services are intended for organizations that need HR talent but lack the time, interest or resources to fill this need on their own.

  • Sustain an HR Talent Community – We maintain relationships with a large and growing community of HR professionals of all levels and types (see list above).
  • Listen Carefully to You – we’ll gather from you information about the position, the hiring manager/team style and your organizational culture to help us assess fit with the right candidates
  • Fit Assessment – All our candidates are assessed for dimensions of performance and fit with the role, ideal leadership style, and culture. Before presenting a candidate for your consideration, we’ll assess each for fit with your role, style of direct manager/leadership/team, and your organizational culture.
  • Presentation of Candidates – We present an HR Talent Profile with each candidate giving you more in-depth information about each candidate so that you can interview with greater clarity and purpose. We offer interview guides to help you interview for fit.
  • Post-Placement Support – we stay connected to the HR professionals we place and offer them access to additional resources, consultants/subject matter experts, services and products that they can draw on as needed to help them add value to your organization.
Talent Community

Our Service Fee for direct placement candidates is a flat fee based on annual accepted base compensation and ranges from 15% for staff and professional positions to 20% for most managerial and executive positions. Fee is capped for executive retained search.

Do It Yourself Option

If you prefer to do it yourself, we understand. Let us help you get the word out to our HR Community to ensure you cast the broadest possible net for your candidate pool. For a nominal posting fee ($99 for 30 days), we’ll post your job on our site and broadcast it to our HR Community. If an applicant provided through us who had not previously applied for the same position directly with you accepts your offer, we’ll invoice you for discount service fee less a credit for the job posting fee you paid.

Feel like your organization is too small for full-time HR or you just don’t want to manage the work yourself?

Let one of our HR professionals serve your needs on a part-time or as needed basis. We’ll listen to your needs, let you know the basics that at minimum need to be in place for your size organization, then customize a work plan that defines responsibilities. We can fit a work plan to your needs and budget.