About Us

Our Story

FitwellHR is a professional services firm founded in 2018 to provide HR focused staffing and solutions for employers of all types and sizes.

We’re a team of HR professionals who know how to assess the factors that determine fit; connect HR talent with client organizations who need them; then offer on-going support, services and products to the HR professionals we place and the organizations we serve.

Our ultimate goal is contributing to our client’s success through partnership with HR in pursuit of a healthy organization, aligned culture and effective leadership.

Assess a Team

People really are the greatest asset

We have a fundamental belief that the HR function can have a significant impact on an organization’s success.  Of all the available assets to be deployed against pursuit of enterprise, human assets represent more challenge and more opportunity for upside potential than equipment, financing, and technology.

An organization’s human resources account for the greatest differentiating factor in an organization’s ability to create and sustain value over time. This is the reason the mantra “people are our greatest asset” has been so often used as to have become trite and cliché.

HR is a partnership

HR is a partnership shared among Leaders, HR professionals and employees. The HR function holds a shared accountability for an organization’s culture and leadership. HR professionals bring strategies, processes, tools, technologies to bear to achieve the organizational objectives.

The HR role in the organization is an influencing role, a consultative role, based on subject matter expertise in human performance, psychology, and organizational behavior in addition to the obvious knowledge of employment laws and regulations, hiring, compensation and benefits.

HR work must be both strategic and tactical/operational in approach. HR strategies must be derived from the organization’s strategies, mission, vision and values. These aligned HR strategies must then be incorporated into each of the organization policies and processes that determine how the organization attracts, selects, onboards, develops, evaluates, rewards and separates employees.

There must be alignment and integration among these processes so that the desired results and associated behaviors are reinforced and not in conflict throughout the employee life-cycle.

Importance of Culture and Leadership

Organizational culture and leadership are a product of how well the organization’s human resources are managed, not how abundant or well managed the capital or financial resources are managed.

Organizations with lots of cash and credit and state of the art equipment and technology routinely stagnate and fail when they don’t have aligned cultures and effective leadership. Human capital is the most significant source of achievement, growth, resilience and longevity in an organization.

Healthy organizations have aligned cultures and effective leadership. The truth is that culture and leadership and profit are inextricably connected. Healthy organizations outperform and outlast the competition.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • We’ll do our best to find the right fit, as fast as possible
  • We’ll ask questions and really listen to you
  • It’s about you not us, we believe in service over self
  • We’ll act with authenticity and accountability
  • We’ll be positive in response to requests, problems and opportunities

Meet the Founders


Mike founded fitwellHR LLC in 2018 to take a different approach to HR focused staffing and solutions for employers of all types and sizes. Employers with HR needs deserve support from a team of experienced HR professionals who understand how to assess factors that determine fit, then work with a sense of urgency to present candidates, all for a price that represents value.

Similarly, HR professionals of all types and levels deserve help finding meaningful work with organizations that fit their values and desire to contribute and influence success.

Prior to founding fitwellHR, Mike has spent his entire career working in HR within large organizations and then as consultant and business owner serving the HR needs of many small and medium organizations.

Mike was most recently the President & Principal of HRnovations, Inc., a Bellevue based HR outsourcing and consulting firm founded in 1990 and sold in 2016. Mike has degrees from Michigan State University, Villanova University and the University of Scranton and SHRM-SCP and SPHR professional certifications.

Mike Komola


Nancy is a Principal of FitwellHR and has over twenty-five years’ experience as an HR practitioner, business partner, and training facilitator. Nancy is responsible for leading our ELEVATE™ management development program and is an instructor for the HR component of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Washington’s Core Competencies for Professionals program.

Nancy also assists clients with customized training and leadership development, employee relations issues, communication, HR assessments, and has conducted numerous harassment and discrimination investigations in the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to FitwellHR, Nancy was Principal of HRnovations (2004-2016), and prior to that Nancy spent eighteen years in the industrial chemical manufacturing industry, covering the western U.S. for Borden Chemical, Inc. Nancy attended City University while working toward a BS in Business Administration and maintains the SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certifications.

Nancy Komola